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this made up army you fight in your head

destroyed your worth and pronounced you dead

I'm Maddie, I'm 14 and I get obsessed quite easily! I realized that whenever I browse the internet, one way or another I always end up back here xD So I said to myself, "I think it's time to get a LiveJournal..." and I did! Most of the time it was googling 1776 or one of my favorite artists pages from DeviantArt. I love reading and writing, so if I seem to be ignorant that may be why XD.

INSTRUMENTS Flute, piccolo, bass guitar, pennywhistle, but my one true passion is piano (even if I am dreadful at it xD)

Twilight (haha), Dracula, John Adams, there were more that have escaped me.. xD

1776, Twilight (haha again), Bram Stoker's Dracula,

1776, anything John Adams related will set me off (in a good way xD), I'm beginning to be obsessed with Rutledge and Jefferson as well... hehe I'm kinda sorta a US history nerd...

John Adams miniseries, Chuck, Bones, House MD, The George Lopez Show... everything else changes...

haha claims<
history4ever: Richard Henry Lee & Continental Congress
ja_claims: John Adams